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Labor Welfare Fund

The Labour Welfare Fund Act is a social security legislation in India that provides for the establishment of a fund to promote the welfare of workers in certain specified industries. The act was passed in the year 1965 and is administered by the State Government, which is authorized to make rules for the levy, collection and disbursement of contributions to the fund.


The act applies to certain specified industries such as factories, mines, plantations, ports, construction, and other similar industries. The act also applies to the employees of such industries whose gross salary or wages do not exceed such amount as may be prescribed by the State Government.

Construction Work


  1. Scholarships for education of children of workers

  2. Medical and maternity benefits

  3. Construction and maintenance of welfare centers, recreational facilities, and amenities

  4. Assistance for the promotion of sports and games

  5. Assistance for the promotion of workers' welfare and development

  6. Relief in cases of distress due to old age, sickness, injury, or unemployment

  7. Any other benefit as may be prescribed by the State Government

Girl in a City

Our Services

  • Filing and submitting returns as per the act

  • Managing correspondence and liaison with Government Authorities

  • Assessing and calculating the contribution of Labour Welfare Fund

  • Preparation and submission of Challan

  • Offering Consultancy on day to day matters related to the Labour Welfare Fund Act.

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